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What is Antelope and how is it related to EOSIO?

· 2 min read
Marcos DK

Antelope is a community-led blockchain protocol that has forked from EOSIO 2.0. It is an open framework for building fast, secure, next-generation decentralized applications (dApps) and Web3 services. Antelope has been created through a coalition of four EOSIO protocol-based blockchains: EOS, Telos, WAX, and UX Network. These chains share Antelope's underlying blockchain codebase and work together to accelerate the development of the core protocol. With its public Github repository and website, Antelope introduces a more advanced framework as an independent blockchain.

Benefits of Antelope being a community-led protocol

As a community-led protocol, Antelope offers several benefits:

  1. Decentralization: Antelope is decentralized, ensuring that no single entity controls the protocol. This promotes transparency and enhances security.

  2. Collaboration: Antelope is developed by a coalition of EOSIO protocol-based blockchains, including EOS, Telos, WAX, and UX Network. This collaboration fosters continuous improvement and evolution of the core protocol.

  3. User-centric Approach: Antelope is built by its users, for its users. The community has a say in the protocol's development, ensuring that it meets their needs and requirements.

  4. Advanced Framework: Antelope's SDKs and scalability provide web3 developers with an opportunity to build dApps on a highly advanced protocol. The focus on technical improvements and creating a useful blockchain architecture benefits everyone involved.

  5. Low-cost Accessibility: Antelope aims to be a low-cost, open framework and high-throughput blockchain. It enables anyone interested in creating and publishing next-generation web3 services and dApps to participate.

Examples of decentralized applications that can be built on Antelope

Antelope provides an open framework for building various decentralized applications, including:

  • DeFi protocols
  • NFT platforms
  • Blockchain games
  • Supply chain management solutions
  • Social media platforms
  • Identity verification systems

With its decentralized and user-centric approach, Antelope empowers developers to create innovative dApps that leverage the advanced features and scalability of the protocol.

Start building your next-generation dApp on Antelope and join the decentralized revolution!

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